Try Krill Oil If You Are Looking For A Way To Give Your Health A Boost

Are you looking for a simple way to improve your health? If so, you have come to the right place!

In this day and age there are many reasons why people are unhealthy. There are environmental factors that damage a person’s health, as well as the everyday diet due to the amount of chemicals that are used to preserve food.krill oil

On top of this there are social factors such as drinking, smoking and a lack of exercise.

Fortunately there are supplements available that can be taken daily to give your health a huge boost. One of the best supplements to take is krill oil.

Pure krill oil is similar to fish oil, but the difference is that it is more potent and provides more benefit.

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that pure krill oil supplements can provide.

Cardiovascular Health

Clinical studies have shown that incidences of cardiovascular disease can actually be reduced by up to 45% with regular use of supplements containing the oil from krill.

The main reason for this is due to the following:

  • Arterial Clogging – The healthy fatty acids in the formula work to clear the arteries of unhealthy fats and triglycerides.
  • Cholesterol – The oil also increases the amount of good cholesterol in the blood whilst reducing levels of harmful LDL cholesterol.

There are also reports that it can have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Brain and Memory Function

The brain largely consists of healthy fats which help the brain relay messages to the rest of the body. It is said that pure krill oil can help to improve memory, cognitive functioning and prevent the onset of age-related cognitive illnesses.


The omega 3 contents that the oil provides helps to lubricate joints. Some studies have shown that it can even reduce damage that has already been done.

Many arthritis suffers take these supplements daily and over time there symptoms and pain have disappeared.

Other Benefits

There are a lot more benefits too and these include benefits to the skin and hair, the immune system, major organs and eye health.

Studies have also linked omega 3 fatty acids to weight loss as it is believed that goods fats help rid the body of bad fats.

Expectant mothers are often recommended to supplement on omega 3 because it helps the child’s cognitive and neurological functions develop properly. In fact, some experts say that it is just as important as taking folic acid during pregnancy.

Always talk to your doctor first though.

Different Types of Supplements

There is a wide range of supplements available on general sale. Whilst not as popular as fish oil products, krill is getting noticed in the health world and more products are becoming available.

Omega red krill oil is a popular choice, as is pure Antarctic krill oil.krill oil supplements

Krill that has been caught in the Antarctic waters will be purer and free from pollution, whilst those caught in the northern seas will be subject to heavy metals such as mercury. The Antarctic waters are the cleanest in the world.

In addition to supplements you can also buy the oil as it is. This is not suited to people who do not like a fishy taste. With supplements you avoid this.

The price of krill oil will vary depending on the quality of the product. You rarely find these supplements in the local shops where fish oil is often found, instead you are limited to online sellers, at least until more manufacturers appear.

How To Choose A Quality Product

Make sure that you always read the labels on any supplements that you purchase. There should be two main ingredients and these are DHA and EPA. These two long-chain fatty acids are where the health benefits lie.

Aim for a minimum 0f 240mg DHA and 120mg of EPA for every 1000mg of oil.

Never buy from third-party sites such as eBay or Amazon. The products on these type of sites may be poor quality. There have been many complaints of people receiving counterfeit products so you have been warned.

Buying from the official website of a product will protect you with a money-back guarantee and allow you to return the product for a refund.

What Is The Correct Dosage

This varies from person to person, but most people tend to take no more than 2000mg per day. Health experts have said it is perfectly safe to take up to 3000mg per day, but any more than this could result in mild side effects such as an upset stomach.

People who are new to omega 3 oils should start off with a small dose and work their way up just to make sure they can tolerate it. 1 capsule is enough to start, whilst if you are taking pure krill oil in non-supplement form, aim for a teaspoon to start with.

If you have been advised to take krill oil due to a medical condition, speak to your doctor first who will recommend the dosage for you. Often heart attack sufferers are recommended to take 4000mg per day or more.

So There You Have It!

The perfect way to give your health a boost is by starting a course of krill oil supplements. It is important that you allow time for any benefits to be noticed. It is also important that you try and lead a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising. This will complement the supplements and you will notice the benefits more quickly.

Do not rush out and buy the first product you see, do your research first. Make sure that companies are genuine and have received positive feedback on their product range. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned cash only to be disappointed when you realise the product isn’t up to the standards you expected.

If you follow this guide then you will be fine and can start your search right away.